Meet Results

Meet Results where Cormorants have competed


 Swim England Long Course K2 Crawley 20/21 Jan

 Bracknell Masters SC March 2018

 Guernsey April 2018

 Gloucester April 2018

 Erith Masters Meet May 2018

 Norfolk County ASA Meet May 2018

 Barnet Copthall Distance Meet July 2018


 SER Long Course K2 Crawley 21/22 Jan

 ASA T30 Challenge (Individual & Team)

 Wales National Masters LC Swansea March 2017

 Bracknell Masters SC March 2017

 Royal Navy Meet Millfield 12 March 2017

 February Fitness Challenge 2017

 Guernsey International Meet 2017

 World Masters Games Auckland 2017

 Gloucester Masters open Meet 2017

Erith Masters Meet May 2017

Norfolk County ASA Open Masters 2017

 GBs Aberdeen 2017

 Surrey County Masters 2017

 Rushmoor Royals July 2017

Swim England National Masters Meet Sheffield Oct 2017

Marathon Swims London 2017

 Barnet Copthall 1500 Meet Nov 2017


  Results from meets pre 2006 and of meets 2007-2016

Results 2007-2016

  Archive of Masters Results -pre 2006


 An annual competition which rewards swimmers aged 18 years and over who try their hand at competing in races across a range of strokes and distances.It has two aims: one is to encourage greater participation across the different swimming events, and the other is to encourage competition across the different Masters age groups. Points are awarded to swimmers who swim in10 different events from long and short course meets whose results are recorded in the Masters Rankings.

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