Lane Etiquette

The purpose of our etiquette is to make the training sessions, enjoyable, efficient and safe for all of us.

We circle swim in the lane, and alternate directions so that you are swimming alongside the swimmers in the next lane.

It is best to set off in speed order, faster swimmers leading. If you don’t know your speed, start at the back. And remember, it is okay to change your position when you change strokes. Allow 5 seconds between swimmers.

If you are catching the swimmer in front, you have two options. First, you can wait until we next stop and then politely suggest that you might move in front. Second, you can give their feet one or two firm taps. The person whose feet are being tapped should then move out of the way at the lane end so you can pass. Only tap feet if you are confident that you can keep ahead of the swimmer passed. Are you sure you will be able to keep ahead without the benefit of drafting? If you do not want to overtake, then try to avoid touching the swimmer in front.

If you want to rest or have finished, move to the corner of the lane this leaves the centre of the wall free for swimmers to turn and to touch to finish. If you have take a break, it is usually best to wait for the lane’s next rest break before rejoining, but if you want to start again sooner then make sure you do so carefully so as not to interrupt other swimmers. Remember they will not be expecting you!

If you are not doing what has been set for the lane – please be considerate of team members swimming the set.

There are pace clocks at either end of the pool, with a single second hand which is red on one end and black on the other. ‘Go on the red or black top’ means the first swimmer pushes off when the red or black hand is at 60. The other swimmers follow at 5 second intervals. Remember when you pushed off and check what time you did by looking at the clock as you finish.

‘Swimming 100’s off 1.45’ means taking 1 minute 45 seconds both to swim 100m and then rest. Example: The first swimmer pushes off at the red top. They push off the second 100m when the red hand is at 45 or the ‘quarter to’ position.

Individual medley/IM order of strokes is Butterfly (FLY), Backstroke (BK), Breaststroke (BR), Freestyle (FC). 100 IM means swimming 25m of each stroke in that order. FRIM is Freestyle IM or FC,BK,BR,FC. Reverse IM is FC,BR,BK,FLY.

You may be set specific drills i.e. Finger Drag or Single Arm drills or just a general drill set where you can choose the drill for the stroke. Ask for suggestions if you are not sure.

‘Choice’ means you can choose which stroke to swim.

When in doubt, Ask.

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