News Roundup – records broken and set, medals won and more..

21st October 2022

Congratulations to those who competed and won all colours of medals in the Masters Long Course Meet at K2, Crawley, on 21/22 Jan 2023. Results here

In August four of us competed in the European Masters Swimming Championships held in the Olympic Pool, Rome. And one way of getting to the pool was by the ubiquitous Vespa! Jane won her races, whilst Piotr (on Vespa), Christine and Claire achieved PBs plus faster times than our entry times!

Later in the Autumn our team of swimmers did well at the South East Masters Short Course Meet at K2 , Crawley with us winning medals.

Open Water : In July we had a relay team swim The Jubilee River Swim but our congratulations must go to Anne who having entered the Dart 10K to raise money for charity swam the distance in Bude Sea Pool as the Dart swim was cancelled.

We congratulate Jane Asher on her record breaking swims in January 2022 at the South East Regional Meet.  She claimed four World records in the 50m, 100m and 200m backstroke and the 50m freestyle in the 90/95yr age group.  These were followed by quietly setting new British records at the annual Guernsey Meet in April for 100m breast stroke and set a new record in the 200m breaststroke. In June at the GBs in Aberdeen, she set a new World Record in the 100m freestyle. 

In March at Guernsey, our team of swimmers won many individual and relay medals and The Cormorants won the Top Visiting Club award. In June at the Surreys meet, Jane, Elizabeth Savidge and Jackie Patel won Victor ludorum trophies in their age groups.

During our training sessions 10 swimmers took part with great success on the British Long Distance Swimming 30 and 60 minute swims.  Congratulations to all of you.

BLDSA Ladies 20-25:  1st/Record distance Frances Bingham 1650 metres

Ladies 40-44:  1st Paula Giordano 1400 metres

Ladies 55-59:  3rd Debbie Hipps 1488 metres

Ladies 60-64:  1st/Record distance Nicky Bindler 1875 metres

Ladies 65-69:  1st/Record distance Amanda Doyle 1650 metres

Ladies 65-69:  3rd Susanna Riviere 1394 metres

Ladies 65-69:  4th Anne Young 1350 metres

Ladies 65-69:  5th Claire Browse 1250 metres

Ladies 75-79:  1st/Record distance Elizabeth Savidge 1513 metres

Ladies 85+:     1st/Record distance Jane Asher 1250 metres


Ladies 25+:  1st/Record distance King’s Cormorants 4538 metres Frances, Paula, Debbie

Ladies 55+:  1st/Record distance King’s Cormorants 5038 metres Nicky, Amanda, Elizabeth

Ladies 65+:  1st/Record distance King’s Cormorants 3994 metres Anne, Claire, Susanna

In February Claire Browse and Christine Goodair took part in the February Fitness Challenge – swim every day of the month – both of them succeeded! And in the South Bucks Open Water 5,000m Swim, well done to Wayne Marr who did the distance in 1:39:36.

Upcoming events: 

The South East Region Masters Team Relay Championships will take place on the 25 March 2023 at K2 Crawley Leisure Centre.

The South East Region Long Course 1500m Masters Event will take place on the 25 March 2023 at K2 Crawley Leisure Centre.

The EDSC Masters Meet 2023 will take place on the 21 May 2023 in Bexley :A one-day meet offering 50m, 100m and 200m in all strokes, 100m, 200m and 400m individual medley along with 400m, 800m, and 1500m Freestyle.

Please keep an eye on our WhatsApp groups for information about future meets.